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Dropshipping Startup Branding Kit.

With the simple and ingenious concept of a rocket in the form of a price tag, we aim to illustrate that you are never too young or old to start your own business. We want our users to feel like they are launching themselves into the world of entrepreneurship.

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Brand Logo Usage Guide.

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Brand Colors

Dropshipping Startup Brand Colors.

Our brand is bright, vibrant, and cheerful with loud colors. The primary violet color represents luxury and exclusivity for our customers. We use orange to represent fun and exciting products, while green is used to emphasize the company's values such as sustainability, innovation, and quality.

Primary Color: #7833F3

Secondary Color: #26264F

Accent Color: #F36F56

Supporting Color: #00B67A


  • DropshippingStartup

  • Dropship Startup

  • Dropshipping Start

  • Startup Dropship

  • Dropshipping Startup


  • Primary: Asap Bold

  • Body: Asap Regular

  • Graphics: Greycliff

  • Substitute: Lato


  • Launched in 2018

  • Average Score: 4.9

  • 150+ Brands

  • 35+ Countries

  • 10% Donations

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At Dropshipping Startup, we're passionate about your success. That's why we have a team of dedicated success managers ready to help you 24/7. With our experienced managers and dropshipping experts constantly by your side, you’ll never be alone in your dropshipping journey.


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With You, Every Step

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